Paper Pleasure


  1. 1.
    a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.
    “she smiled with pleasure at being praised”
    Pleasure, in every meaning, is a feeling of happiness, enjoyment. This feeling is developed from personal’s interest. Whenever they do something they find stimulated in, they have pleasure. The same case never apply to me.

I don’t always know what I want to do or who I want to be. When I was young, watching television was the next important thing to travelling. I watched too much television that my mom would hide the remote control during weekdays and gave me a weekly ” Friday night movie” with a condition: Read a book a week.

Yes, if it is a comic book, I would probably do it with no complaints. However, my mom banned me and my brothers from reading  comic books. So every week, my mom would throw me a book WITH LITTLE PICTURES and the obvious deadline: Friday. Of course, please don’t imagine it is to be The Thorn Bird or War and Peace, my mom was reasonable enough to give me Roald Dahl and Diary of a wimpy kid. Well, at the age of primary school, a girl with passion for TV like me found reading was a new kind of punishment but mom’s words are like god’s words so I reluctantly read it every.single.week.

The routine went on until sixth grade when I had to move ” 3 hours flight time” away from my mom. At that moment, it already became a habit. I didn’t find reading interesting but somehow I enjoyed it. Now that I have grown up a bit more, reading becomes crucial. It’s unavoidable. I still don’t enjoy it but I find pleasure in buying a book every week and finish it.

Issa Bug

With luv!




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