Through the flying window.


My mama said sleeping has never been my thing since I was born. I would cry throughout the night and even continue the next day. Bringing me up was more than difficult for her. Growing up, pre-school and primary school, I was the “special case” that either “talk to much” or ” play too much” or ” disturb classmates” during nap time. Yet, I always amaze people with an absolute silence every time I’m flying sky high.

I love to travel, it runs in the family. When I was just 1 month old, I lost my ” air-plane” virginity. My mama always choose the window seat for me. The moment lights were off and people sank into their sweet sweet dreams,my journey to Neverland began

Clouds, these fluffy cotton-ball alike, have some kind of magic that would give you sparkles, make you dream, make you hope, make you feel at peace even at the darknest moment. I pressed my nose against the window and a scene took my uttermost interest. The clouds portraited a brilliant white like white marble on blue satin, a dove grey underneath which allowed golden crisp sunlight shine through. Then, before I could realise, a flow of imagination ran through my mind. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell were flying by, carrying pixie dust with a group of lost boys. They were waving and smiling, enjoying the freedom. Captain Hook and the Sea Devil made their way through the field of clouds, creating a big gap out of nowhere. They chased Peter and the gang all around , resurface once in a while when the clouds were clear.

Castles in the air were suddenly formed. Aladdin, princess Jasmine were travelling the world in their magical carpet. The genie ,who camouflaged himself into the sky, caught up right after Aladdin. More and more, my own magical world was formed and before I knew it, reality hit me and the plane had landed.

That was my childhood, full of imaginations and none of the stress. I am currently studying abroad and if i’m lucky enough to catch a glimpse of cloud lines passing by in an unnatural slowness, a nostalgic feeling hit me. A longing for the clouds to go backwards, the world turns around, time goes back to when I was just a kid on the air-plane.

Issa Bug

With luv!


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  1. Ngọc Cavalli says:

    Wow. I see my self when i was just a kid. Just like you mah friend. Full of imagination and happiness. No worries, no stress, no pressur, no nothing. Just me vs the world of freedom. Why is it gotta be so hard for everyone nowadays. So sad when you have to think about it, dont you ? Asking your self, what happened. What turned me into me now, what have i gone through. What will i be one day not so far away. Seems like we have all forgotten who we truly are. Forgotten how is it to live like a kid waiting to grow up.


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