Partners- Suffering and Friendship

IMG_0148It was around 10pm. I was on one of my spontaneous trip around the SG Island when a huge bus with black windows caught my attention. It parked by the side road for a few seconds then a group of  almost 100 men started going down. After they settled down on the pavement, food were given out and they gobbled up the box of rice in no time. Through the hardship and the suffering, friendship is formed. All these men came to SG with one purpose and one alone – make a living. They share the same pain of longing for their family back home. They put themselves in others shoes and understand one another . They suffer the daily extreme exhaustion and poor treatment together. Their friendship bonds last forever.

Issa Bug

With luv!


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  1. Nguyen Anh Tuan says:

    cách viết rất lạ, ngắn gọn và rất sâu sắc. bài viết giầu cảm xúc và có chiều sâu. nội dung lắng đọng và đẫ lay động đến trái tim người đọc


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